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Greece Update

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Hello,this is Sofia from AthenStyle hostel in Athens and I would like to give you am insight of the current situation.
Watching the news of international media I have realized the situation looks almost unreal, I looked out of my window and the sun is shining, people are sipping iced coffees and beers at the cafes, Travellers strolling around discovering the ancient streets and planning their island hopping. And then again I looked at the TV and decided to switch it off.

Here I am sending a message to you all who have booked to stay with us, or anyways to come visit Athens and Greece, wherever you come from: do not cancel it!
There is no reason, no danger at all! ATM have money and there are no restrictions on foreign cards. We accept cc payments at AthenStyle and so do most places in Athens.

We welcome travellers from all over the world, no matter where you come from, we are happy to see you here! There are no politics, no preconceptions, no problems at the hostel.

We have 160 guests checking in and out of the hostel everyday and none of them have had any problems in Athens!Life goes on and let the politics do their job and us do the traveling and enjoy the Summer!

Should you have any more doubt please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page "AthenStyle" or email us on We are happy to answer and help you organize your stay, let us be your home away from home!


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